Sanjeevani Healthcare Trust

Our Children, Our Future

Welcome to Sanjeevani Healthcare Trust

Sanjeevani is a registered charitable foundation based in Coimbatore, India.


Please contact the Manager at the number below for further information.




About Sanjeevani

Sanjeevani was setup by Dr Shripati Upadhyaya and Dr Geetha Upadhyaya to work with Children with Special Abilities.

Sanjeevani is supported by Kalasangam UK a unique South East Asian arts foundation.

Sanjeevani is supported in India by Axxonet a Research and Development organization. 


80 G Registration

Sanjeevani is registered under India's 80G Tax exemption scheme.

All donations made to Sanjeevani Healthcare Trust are exempted under section 80G of the Income Tax Act which means that 50% of your donation amount will be eligible for tax exemption. 

Tax Exemption is not useful for foreign nationals as it may not be valid in their country.